Is your current mortgage costing you too much? If your initial mortgage term is coming to end or your interest rate is reverting to the bank’s standard variable rate, the answer is probably yes. A remortgage is an ideal opportunity to review your financial arrangements. Since you last arranged a mortgage the market has probably changed – along with interest rates. We may be able to bring down your mortgage payments and save you money and it’s really easy to do, too.

Why Remortgage?

You may have grown accustomed to paying the same amount for your mortgage each month and feel it is unnecessary to go through the hassle of changing it. Unfortunately, this can end up putting your mortgage in control of the bank and push up your monthly payments when that introductory deal switches to a standard variable rate.

Standard Variable Rate

Paying the standard variable rate of interest on your mortgage payments means your monthly mortgage will not only be more expensive than the best products on the market, it may mean your monthly mortgage payments keep going up. This is often the case when the Bank of England Base Rate rises in response to inflationary pressures on the economy or other factors.


Remortgaging puts you back in control of your mortgage by allowing you to arrange a better deal and a lower interest rate that can be fixed or track the Bank of England Base rate. A remortgage can also be used to make the most of the equity you will have built up in your property and enable you to factor in any rise in property prices.

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What Is Remortgaging?

Remortgaging is where you take out a new mortgage on your home. In most cases, this simply means swapping your existing mortgage for another deal that’s more favourable based on your current circumstances. Remortgaging can also be used to release equity in your house.

When remortgaging, you have two options: you can either stick with your existing mortgage lender or switch to a new lender. Obviously, your current mortgage lender will want to keep you as a customer, but it’s always worth shopping around and weighing up all the remortgage options that are available to you.

Just like when you took out your original mortgage, remortgaging is a huge financial decision that requires careful thought and number-crunching, so it’s a good idea to seek expert advice before pulling the trigger. At Green Mortgage Services, we can help you to find the right remortgage deal for you.


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