First Time Buyers

Buying your first home is something you are unlikely to forget and it can be both exciting and daunting all at the same time. You will only ever be a first-time buyer once in your life and the decisions you make now will decide a lot when it comes to your medium and long-term future. At Green Mortgage Services we aim to take away the stress to allow you to enjoy this special milestone in your life.

Getting A Good Mortgage Deal

When you are caught up in all the excitement of choosing your first home, it is easy not to pay too much attention to the mortgage deal you might be getting.

Getting the right mortgage deal is critical to your financial future, therefore it is important to pay close attention to the interest rate you will be paying on your mortgage loan and the monthly payments.

Banks & Building Societies

If you opt to look for a mortgage on the high street, you will find there are hundreds of banks and building societies with thousands of mortgage products available. From fixed rates to tracking rates and discounted rates, it can be hard to get your head around it all.

Banks and building societies will only tend to offer you what is convenient and sadly sometimes they may not offer you enough money to buy your dream property or refuse applications altogether.

How A Mortgage Broker Can Help

Fortunately, by using an independent whole of market mortgage broker, if there is a first-time buyer mortgage product available for you, we’ll find it. Our qualified advisors will not only help you make sure you are looking in a realistic price range but also find out if the monthly payments will be affordable for you.

At Green Mortgages we will be your guide to getting the best mortgage deal available. Call one of our advisors today for more information.

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What Is a First-Time Buyer?

A first-time buyer is someone who is purchasing a house for the very first time and doesn’t already own (or hasn’t previously owned) property before. Couples qualify as first-time buyers, so long as neither person owns (or has owned) a house in the past.


If you’re buying your first house and own (or have owned) commercial property such as a shop, bar or restaurant, you still qualify as a first-time buyer, provided that the commercial property has never had living quarters attached to it. The realm of first-time buyers refers only to residential properties.
Who isn’t a first-time buyer? If you’re buying your first house but you’ve inherited a house or someone has bought a house for you, you don’t qualify as a first-time buyer, even if you’ve never technically bought a house before. You also lose first-time buyer eligibility if you’re planning to rent out the house you’re buying (what’s known as buy-to-let).


Getting a mortgage (particularly your first mortgage) is a huge financial decision that requires careful thought, research and number-crunching. It’ll have a huge impact on your financial future, which is why it’s important to seek expert advice before making a decision. Green Mortgage Services are Cheshire mortgage brokers who can guide you through the entire process and find the first-time buyers mortgage that’s right for you.


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