Commercial Mortgages

The commercial mortgage market works differently to the residential mortgage market with lending criteria from the banks often more confusing. It is therefore very important that you seek solid independent advice from a specialist commercial mortgages broker to make sure you are finding the best commercial finance available.

What is a Commercial Mortgage?

A commercial mortgage is as the name suggests is a mortgage for commercial purposes so you can only use it to purchase property that is not your residence. Unlike residential mortgages the loan will be assessed according to how much risk a lender thinks they are taking when providing you with a commercial mortgage.

How can a Commercial Mortgage Broker Help?

Without a mortgage broker you may only have access to high street banks which narrows things down a lot. We have access to a number of private banks and specialist lenders who will have much broader lending criteria and in some cases give you a much better chance of qualifying for a commercial mortgage and getting a good deal.

Knowledge & Experience of Commercial Mortgage Market

We have vast experience in the commercial market and we are able to arrange some of the best deals in the market and have access to exclusive products not available when approaching lenders directly.

Due to our know-how in the commercial mortgages sector, we can find the best commercial mortgages for you by using our contacts and experience. In an ever changing market place it is always worth calling Green Mortgage Services to discuss the possibilities of a loan being accepted and to ascertain the appetite of the lenders.

Types of Commercial Mortgage Available

There are two types of commercial mortgage – an owner occupier mortgage for trading premises and a commercial investment mortgage for those looking to invest in commercial property.

Lending on a commercial basis is normally available up to 70% LTV (Loan to value) however you can potentially obtain 75% subject to credit scoring, repayment method and other factors.

Commercial mortgages are available for various land and property types. Here are some examples below:

  • Offices
  • Business premises
  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Nursing and care homes
  • Retail outfits
  • Restaurants
  • Cafes and convenience stores
  • Semi-Commercial mortgages

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