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“A very professional organisation that helped me through my remortgage process. Made it so easy for me as a client and took all the hassle away, as it can be a minefield when dealing with mortgages!
Stuart, 4th June 2024

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Frequently Asked Questions

Remortgaging is when you switch your current mortgage to a new deal, either with the same lender or a different one. It’s often done to save money with a lower interest rate, adjust the mortgage term, or release equity from your home.

Begin by evaluating your financial situation and researching current mortgage rates and products. Consult with a mortgage advisor, like Green Mortgages, who can guide you through options based on your specific circumstances, including whether to port your existing mortgage or apply for a new one. They can also help with the application process, documentation, and liaising with lenders.

Enhance your credit score by paying off debts and avoiding new credit applications. Save for a larger deposit, and ensure your financial documentation, like income proof and bank statements, is in order. A stable income and employment history also boost your application’s strength.

Deciding to remortgage when interest rates have increased can be a nuanced decision. Even if rates are higher than when you first secured your mortgage, it’s important to consider remortgaging, especially if your current deal is ending. Typically, at the end of a mortgage deal, you would be moved onto your lender’s Standard Variable Rate (SVR), which is often significantly higher than both your original rate and many current remortgage deals available in the market. Therefore, while remortgaging might not secure you a rate as low as your initial one, it could still be more cost-effective than moving to the SVR.

It’s crucial to compare the available remortgage options against the SVR to assess which option is more financially beneficial in the longer term. Consulting with a mortgage advisor can help you navigate this decision effectively, taking into account the broader financial landscape and your personal circumstances.

Changes in the housing market can significantly affect your remortgaging options, mainly through their impact on your property’s value. A rise in property value can increase your equity, potentially giving you access to more favourable remortgage deals, as a higher equity typically leads to a lower loan-to-value (LTV) ratio. A lower LTV ratio can qualify you for lower interest rates and better terms, as it reduces the risk for the lender.

Conversely, if the market dips and your property’s value decreases, your LTV ratio may increase, limiting your remortgage options and possibly resulting in higher interest rates. In extreme cases, if your mortgage balance becomes higher than your property’s value (negative equity), remortgaging can be particularly challenging. Keeping an eye on market trends and understanding the current value of your property is crucial when considering remortgaging. It’s often beneficial to seek advice from a mortgage broker who can provide insights into how market changes may affect your specific circumstances and options.

Customer Reviews

With over 1,000 5-star reviews, we're proud of the service we provide.
Colin Baker
Colin Baker
Thanks Steph and team. Excellent service and support throughout. Made whole process seamless and stress free
Jazz Dovey
Jazz Dovey
Green Mortgages were great. Steph and Nina have been brilliant with us and we couldn’t be more grateful. They went above and beyond, no question or request was too much for them. Thank you very much ladies you’re a credit to the company.
Jesvin Samuel
Jesvin Samuel
Highly recommend! We were quite impressed with the very friendly, prompt, professional support we received during the entire remortgage process. They secured a deal well in advance, 6 months current deal expired, and before rates went even higher. Kept in touch on a regular basis to keep us appraised of market situation and see if there were better deals.
terry cassell
terry cassell
I just want to say thankyou to Harry and Amy for organising my new mortgage. I am very happy with the work that they have done and would recommend their services to anyone.
Amanda Jarvis
Amanda Jarvis
Anybody looking for a mortgage or remortgage I would definitely recommend Green mortgages - they deal with everything efficiently and keep you informed of progress from start to finish - Jack, Georgia and Amy are a great professional team - will continue to use Greens in the future.
Jacqueline Swift
Jacqueline Swift
Green Mortgages got us the outcome that we wanted and needed. We found their services efficient, clear, to the point and timely. They have an extremely friendly team, who kept us updated throughout. Harry and Amy offered a first-class service, and we would not hesitate to recommend their services.
Chris Wardale
Chris Wardale
Fantastic service from everyone I dealt with especially Stephanie and Dale, always keeping me in the loop, being proactive and recommended me a excellent solicitors
Mathew Robinson
Mathew Robinson
I had a really stress free experience. The communication was 1st class, they delivered everything they promised and Amy and Harry were absolute professionals. Would definitely recommend.
Brian Hewson
Brian Hewson
This was the first time we had used a broker to secure a mortgage but, due to the type of mortgage we needed, we were recommended Green Mortgages. The staff were all personable and helpful and although it can seem daunting providing all the details and copy documents, it was done in a relaxed and friendly manner. We were able to secure a good deal, despite the rates changing mid-process and the after care was also very good.
Mike Bailey
Mike Bailey
Highly recommend Green Mortgages, very proffesional company and staff. Will be using them again

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