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Welcome to Green Mortgages London! We’re an independent, whole-of-market mortgage brokers with access to over 140 lenders. We have a wide range of options to choose from, and we can offer you exclusive deals you won’t get by going straight to lenders. More choice means a better chance of finding the mortgage that’s right for you.

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Green Mortgages London

Green Mortgages are an independent, whole-of-market mortgage broker that you can trust. While we are a national mortgage broker with offices across the UK, we are proud to have a branch in the capital, which covers both Central London and the Greater London area – ideally placed for our clients in the South.

At Green Mortgages, we pride ourselves on providing quality mortgage services and cultivating positive client relationships. Choosing the right mortgage can often be tricky, but our team of friendly and experienced brokers are on hand to make sure you find a solution that works for you.

Our London offices are located in the heart of busy West London, close to the bustling shopping areas of Oxford Street and Regent Street, and easily reachable by tube.

We’d love to welcome you in for a chat with one of our friendly brokers to discuss your individual requirements.

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What Mortgage Services Do We Provide In London?


Looking for a more favourable deal to suit your changing needs and circumstances? Remortgaging gives you the option of staying with your current lender or moving to a different one for a potentially better deal. Don’t get stuck with a standard variable rate, let us help you find the mortgage that suits you best.

First-Time Buyers

If you’re buying your first property, you may be entitled to Government assistance in the form of the Help to Buy Scheme and Stamp Duty relief. You’ll also have access to the same mortgages available to everyone else – speak to one of our brokers today to discover the best options for you.

Moving Home

When you move house, you can either move your mortgage with you OR remortgage for a bigger amount or better deal. Let us take the stress out of the situation by helping you to make the right decision.

Commercial Mortgages

Buying a commercial (non-residential) property? Then a commercial mortgage is for you! There are a number of important distinctions between commercial mortgages and traditional mortgages, but our experienced financial advisors will guide you through the process.

Buy-to-Let Mortgages

Buying a property to rent out to tenants? You’ll need a buy to let mortgage. While they’re a lot like traditional mortgages, there are a few key differences. Our financial advisors will give you the advice you need while helping you to secure the best mortgage for your investment.

Self-Employed Mortgages

You may think getting a mortgage as a self-employed person is difficult, but we’re here to help! As long as you can provide your lender with the relevant financial information, have good credit and can verify your income, you can access the same competitive mortgages as everyone else.

Contractor Mortgages

Being a contractor doesn’t have to limit your options when it comes to applying for a mortgage. In fact, there are a number of lenders out there who specialise in products suitable for contract workers. Our financial advisors will guide you through the process and help you find the mortgage that’s right for you.

Adverse Credit Mortgages

If you have CCJs, bad credit, or have even declared bankruptcy in the past, don’t worry – you can still get a mortgage to suit your circumstances! As we’re whole-of-market brokers, we have access to a wider range of mortgages for you to choose from.

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What Other Services Do We Offer?

Mortgage Protection

Concerned about how you’d keep up with your mortgage payments in the event something unfortunate happened? Mortgage protection is an insurance policy that covers your mortgage payments in situations such as redundancy, illness or even death. It’s not a legal requirement, but it does offer peace of mind.

Debt Consolidation

If the debt is piling up or you’re struggling to juggle multiple loans, debt consolidation might be for you. Debt consolidation loans allow you to merge multiple debts into one larger, easier-to-manage payment and often this can have more favourable terms.

Bridging Loans

A short-term solution, bridging loans are often popular amongst those who need to get money quickly. Typically favoured by those looking to buy a house through auction, get a deal on a property done quickly, or by property developers looking to fund a new project.

Business Protection

Similar to mortgage protection plans, business protection allows you to safeguard your company in the event that something unfortunate happens leaving you unable to work. We offer a range of policies including Relevant Life Insurance, Key Person Insurance and Shareholder Insurance.

Why Choose Green Mortgages?

If you’re looking for mortgage advisors in London, look no further than Green Mortgages.

As whole-of-market mortgage brokers, we scour the entire market as opposed to just a small number of lenders that we’re partnered with. With access to over 140 lenders, we have a wealth of options to choose from. More choice means more chance of finding the mortgage product that’s perfect for you.

Since opening our London office in 2018, we have become intimately acquainted with both the Central and Greater London areas and have formed strong relationships with local banks and lenders.

At Green , we pride ourselves on going the extra mile for our clients. That’s why we offer a red-carpet service to all of our clients. This means that you get immediate access to one of our mortgage advisors; the option to arrange evening and weekend appointments seven days a week; constant updates throughout the entire process; and a fully managed service from the first contact through to the final completion.

To get the expert mortgage advice you’re looking for from a name you can trust, get in touch with Green Mortgages on 020 8191 9615 or at Alternatively, why not pop into our London office to have a chat with our friendly team?

To get the expert mortgage advice you’re looking for from a name you can trust, get in touch with Green Mortgages on 020 8191 9615 or at Or why not pop into our Birmingham office to have a chat with our friendly team?

Why Choose Green Mortgages
A Little Bit About London
Green Mortgages London City Hall

They say that if you’re bored of London, you’re bored of life – and we couldn’t agree more. Our vibrant capital city’s rich cultural heritage is famous across the globe, drawing in thousands of tourists from all around the world every year.


As well as being home to the UK’s most famous landmarks such as Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament and the London Eye, London is a veritable melting pot of history and culture. Whether that be sampling the delights of Chinatown, shopping in the affluent Bond Street stores, enjoying one of the many productions showing in the West End, or tantalising your taste buds at one of the many street food markets there is quite literally something for everyone. It is also home to a variety of museums, galleries and attractions including the Tower of London, the National Portrait Gallery, the Imperial War Museum and the British Museum.

You can’t talk about London without mentioning sports – it plays host to some of the world’s most famous football clubs including Chelsea and Arsenal, is home to the Wimbledon tennis championships hosted each summer, and successfully hosted the 2012 Olympics.

London might be the largest city in the country, but it also boasts a tight knit community who come together every year to celebrate events such as Pride and the Notting Hill Carnival. With each city borough filled with its own hidden gems and vibrant community, it’s no wonder so many people are keen to call it home.

If you’re looking to secure a mortgage in London, get in touch with Green Mortgages on 020 8191 9615 or at today, or pop into our London office for a chat!